Advantages and functions

Fully automatic verification

Before every switch-on procedure and during operation a fully automatic verification is performed in order to check the correct supply conditions.

The classic “test button” is eliminated.

Error recognition

Measuring errors caused, for example, by the wearing of a glove when switching on are indicated by the signal unit flashing red. In this case, the PRCD-S+ from PCE gives a visual warning and does not switch on.

PE conductor stays closed

Failure situations like external voltage on the PE conductor or fault current above rated values cause a interruption of L and N. The PE conductor stays closed and keeps being monitored !

PE conductor advanced/delayed

The PE conductor circuit is switched on in advance and switched off with a delay.

Protection against surge

Overvoltage will be detected – the PRCD-S+ switches off or cannot be switched on.

Protection against undervoltage

Undervoltage  will be recognized and the PRCD-S+ switches off.

Optical warning

The LED signal unit (red/green) visualizes error situations and offers a permanent status indication.

System error recognition

The PRCD-S+ recognises conductor interruptions or wiring errors from the source system.

handy – light – convenient

The PRCD-S+ from PCE is very handy and light weight, much simpler in comparison to an isolation transformer and cheaper in acquisition and usage.