Mobile personal protection device to prevent electrical injury especially on construction sites.

The crucial PLUS in safety!

Why PRCD-S+?

Craftsmen very often have to connect their electrical devices to outlets (feeding points), where their function and safety is unknown.

Very often incorrect electrical installations are not visible immediately and therefore extremely dangerous. Serious accidents may result.


PCE’s PRCD-S+ protects the user against incorrect  electrical installations.

Advantages and functions

Fully automatic verification

Before every switch-on procedure and during operation a fully automatic verification is performed in order to check the correct supply conditions.

The classic “test button” is eliminated.

Error recognition

Measuring errors caused, for example, by the wearing of a glove when switching on are indicated by the signal unit flashing red. In this case, the PRCD-S+ from PCE gives a visual warning and does not switch on.

PE conductor stays closed

Failure situations like external voltage on the PE conductor or fault current above rated values cause a interruption of L and N. The PE conductor stays closed and keeps being monitored !

PE conductor advanced/delayed

The PE conductor circuit is switched on in advance and switched off with a delay.

Protection against surge

Overvoltage will be detected – the PRCD-S+ switches off or cannot be switched on.

Protection against undervoltage

Undervoltage  will be recognized and the PRCD-S+ switches off.

Optical warning

The LED signal unit (red/green) visualizes error situations and offers a permanent status indication.

System error recognition

The PRCD-S+ recognises conductor interruptions or wiring errors from the source system.

handy – light – convenient

The PRCD-S+ from PCE is very handy and light weight, much simpler in comparison to an isolation transformer and cheaper in acquisition and usage.

The crucial PLUS in safety:

“PRCD-S perform a measurement through the users body during switch-on operation. If the user for example wears gloves, the masurement can not be performed well, and the unit shows “everything alright” even there is no safety function active. That means, that PRCD-S cannot recoginze dangerous voltage on ground conductor (PE). Housing parts of connected devices can be energized under perilous voltage.”
Source: DGUV Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung

The new PRCD-S+ from PCE recognizes such measurement errors and does not switch on!

The PRCD-S+ detects and protects in the case of the following faults:

N or L conductor interrupted

External voltage on the PE conductor

Surge voltage

Wiring errors
(L and PE conductor reversed)

PE conductor interrupted

Undervoltage or voltage failure

Fault currents with rated values
of 30mA (or 10mA)

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